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Business Case
1000 Acres Strong Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportStrategies to secure financial capital
The Mahoning County-based agricultural non-profit, Goodness Grows, proposes to lead in the...
1000 Acres Strong / Goodness Grows Existing Business
30 Mile Meal, Lake-to-River OH/PA Business Case
  • Financial Capital
  • Human CapitalLaborLabor - Interns
  • locally grown food
The 30 Mile Meal is a local food branding and promotional campaign that aims to provide a shared...
3D Aerial Solutions Existing Business
Was an Exhibitor at  2014 Farm Science Review. Wants help understanding the agricultural...
69 Taps Existing Business
Employees: 2 Line of Business: Mfg Candy/Confectionery
A & I Sauces LLC Existing Business
Employees: 3 Line of Business: Mfg Canned Specialties
A-N-J Bait Farms Existing Business
Accounting and Analysis For Ag Business Case
  • Human CapitalEducation and TrainingIndividual leadershipProject Management Agriculturalagricultural business owners
Accounting services and helping individuals with business aspects of growing their agricultural and...
Acker Beef Existing Business
Dave and Chad Acker
ADS Tile Company Existing Business
Wooster ADS Tile Plant. Cooperator for installation demonstrations.
Advanced Manufacturing Innovations Existing Business
Advanced Technical Aquatic Control, LLC Existing Business
AgInfoTech Existing Business
  • Information Technologies is dedicated to providing its...
AgriVault Existing Business
AgriVault associated with Ag Info TechGrower and Agribusiness Online Data Service
AgVeritas Existing Business
AgVeritasAgVeritas uses spatial statistics to expose the true effect of field and soil type...
Al's Quality Market Existing Business
No website available.    Registration Code:  B C Shttp://localfoodsystems....
ALE DC – the Agricultural Landscape and Ecosystem Design Collaborative Business Case
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsData analysis and graphical displayGIS systems
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsDataGIS data
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsDataMarket Data
  • Legal and RegulatoryContractualFarmLink
  • Natural CapitalLandFarmland
We provide planning and design services for landowners seeking a sustainable  future for their...
Alfred Nickles Bakery Inc Existing Business
Employees: 500 Line of Business: Manufactures fresh or frozen bread
Alfred Nickles Bakery Inc Existing Business
Employees: 35 Line of Business: Commercial bakery
Alpine Dairy, LLC Existing Business
Alpine Dairy, LLC produces cheese and cheese specialties
American Jersey Cattle Association Existing Business
Research and Genetic Program Development Responsible for development of genetic programs:...
American Specialty Foods Inc Existing Business
Employees: 4 Line of Business: Mfg Dehydrated Fruits/Vegetables
AmeriCold Logistics, LLC Existing Business
  • is the global leader in temperature-controlled warehousing and...
Amish Wedding Foods Existing Business