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1000 Acres Strong Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportStrategies to secure financial capital
The Mahoning County-based agricultural non-profit, Goodness Grows, proposes to lead in the...
30 Mile Meal, Lake-to-River OH/PA Business Case
  • Financial Capital
  • Human CapitalLaborLabor - Interns
  • locally grown food
The 30 Mile Meal is a local food branding and promotional campaign that aims to provide a shared...
Camp Joseph Badger Meadows Agritourism Business Case
  • Financial Capital
  • Human CapitalMarketing
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsWebsites
  • Social CapitalBusiness / Community marketing
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop Products
  • locally grown food
Camp Joseph Badger Meadows (JBM) is a 235 acre church camp supported by 50+ churches of Eastminster...
Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrants
  • Human CapitalLaborEntrepreneurs
  • Human CapitalLaborLabor - InternsCoop & Incubator interns
  • Market OutletCSA Consumer Supported Agriculturefor residential customers
  • Market OutletInstitutional Buyersbuyers of processed foods
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce
 Common Wealth Inc.'s Northeast Ohio Kitchen Incubator is a micro-enterprise linchpin for...
Local Food Access through Innovative Food Pricing Class Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrantsLocal Food Access to Institutions
  • Human CapitalMarketingMarket Development Strategy
  • Logistics/Transportationtransportationtransportation of product
  • Social CapitalBusiness / Community marketingPublic Relations NeedsFundraising Strategy
In 2011, Shagbark Seed & Mill started piloting a price class as part of a small enterprise...
Locavore's Prepared Foods Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportStrategies to secure financial capital
  • Human CapitalLaborEntrepreneurs
  • Human CapitalResearch and DevelopmentFood processing process development and FDA registration
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop ProductsVegetables
  • locally grown foodBaked Goodshealthy baked goods
  • locally grown foodBeans
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce Farmers
  • locally grown foodFish
  • locally grown foodLocal, sustainable produce/meats
Thank you for the opportunity to share my idea with you!As an entrepreneur and budding businessman...
Oil Processing: Seed Production, Food Grade Oil, & Biofuel Business Case
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProcessingPressingOilseeds (exc soybeans)Sunflower/Pumkin seeds
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsOilseedsSunflower
  • Financial CapitalAccess to multiple forms of capltal
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsDataMarket Data
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsMarketing SoftwareTrends
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsWebsitesSocial Media Platform
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop Production
Our concept model for developing an oil seed processing to bio-fuels business will bring together...
On Point Hydroponics Greenhouse Project summury Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancing ProgramsInvestment for expanding
  • Natural CapitalLand
  • Physical CapitalAgricultural Physical CapitalAgricultural BuildingsgreenhouseGreenhouse supplys
  • Physical CapitalCommunity Physical CapitalCommunity Asset InventoryCity Planning
  • Physical CapitalConstructionConstruction Contractors
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop ProductionSeason ExtensiongreenhouseGreenhouse supplys
On Point Hydroponics will provide organic produce to Columbus Ohio. We plan to construct a 7,000 sq...
Pollinator Places Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrants
  • Natural CapitalAnimalsBees
  • Natural CapitalPlantsseeds
We are offering locations to place hives from late fall to early spring. Our primary business is...
Specialty Crop Training Program at Camp Joseph Badger Meadows Business Case
  • Financial Capital
  • Human Capital
  • Information Tech and Communications
In partnership with Lorain Community College, Goodness Grows will begin a certificate level...