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Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrants
  • Human CapitalLaborEntrepreneurs
  • Human CapitalLaborLabor - InternsCoop & Incubator interns
  • Market OutletCSA Consumer Supported Agriculturefor residential customers
  • Market OutletInstitutional Buyersbuyers of processed foods
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce
 Common Wealth Inc.'s Northeast Ohio Kitchen Incubator is a micro-enterprise linchpin for...
Local Food Access through Innovative Food Pricing Class Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrantsLocal Food Access to Institutions
  • Human CapitalMarketingMarket Development Strategy
  • Logistics/Transportationtransportationtransportation of product
  • Social CapitalBusiness / Community marketingPublic Relations NeedsFundraising Strategy
In 2011, Shagbark Seed & Mill started piloting a price class as part of a small enterprise...
Pollinator Places Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrants
  • Natural CapitalAnimalsBees
  • Natural CapitalPlantsseeds
We are offering locations to place hives from late fall to early spring. Our primary business is...