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Developing a custom grazing operation on leased land Business Case
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsAnimal Feed ( Grain and Hay)Livestock Feed, Hay, Etc.
  • LivestockDairy ProductionDairy Production CapitalsDairy GeneticsDairy Femalescattle
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - BeefBeef ProductionBeefcattle
  • Natural CapitalAnimalsDairy GeneticsDairy Femalescattle
  • Natural CapitalLand
  • Physical CapitalAgricultural Physical CapitalAgricultural EquipmentLivestock EquipmentFence supplies
The business I am planning is a custom grazing operation on leased land. My customers will be local...
HooftyMatch - A comprehensive marketplace for locally produced meats Business Case
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - Beef
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - Pork
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - Poultry
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - Sheep and Goat
  • LivestockMeatsMeat Processing
  • LivestockMeatsgrassfed livestock
  • Logistics/TransportationFood HubsLoading Dock
  • Logistics/TransportationFood HubsStorageStorage - cold refrigerated / freezer storageproduct aggregation,store/hold product in coolers freezers for distribution
  • Logistics/TransportationFood Hubsaggregating product
  • Logistics/TransportationtransportationTransportation - refrigerated for fresh meat
  • Logistics/Transportationtransportationtransportation of product
  • locally grown foodLocal, sustainable produce/meats
HooftyMatch is an online marketplace for locally produced meats. We aggregate and disseminate data...
Jarosinski Farms Business Case
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsAnimal Feed ( Grain and Hay)Poultry feed - non-GMO, possibly organic
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - BeefBeef ProductionBeefFeeder Calves
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - BeefBeef ProductionLivestock Veterinary Services
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - PorkPork ProductionLivestock Veterinary Services
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - PorkPork Productionfeeder pigs
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - PorkPork Productionpigs feeder
Our mission is to "Keep it Natural." We strive to raise cage-free brown eggs, pastured...
Local Roots Market and Cafe Business Case
  • LivestockDairy ProductsHard Dairy ProductsCheeseGoat Cheese
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - AquacultureAquaculture Products
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - BeefBeef Production
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - BeefBeef Products
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - PorkPork Production
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - PorkPork Products
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - PoultryPoultry Production
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - PoultryPoultry Products
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - Sheep and GoatSheep and Goat Products
  • Logistics/Transportation
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop ProductsFruits and Nut Tree ProductsFruit
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop ProductsVegetables
  • locally grown foodBaked Goods
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce
Local Roots Market and Café is a year-round market place for the purpose of connecting consumers...
Premium Meats, Inc. Existing Business
  • LivestockMeatsMeat - BeefBeef ProductionBeef Meats, Inc. is a national supplier of beef and pork products....